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Micro 300XL Water Softener is a portable way of reducing scale and water spots in your RV while protecting your appliances and fixtures. This unit has an approximate 7,200 grain capacity and filters approximately 300 gallons of water before needing to be recharged. Recommended recharge every 1-2 weeks, this is dependent on usage and water quality. No need for special salt, table salt will recharge your system. Resin will last approximately 10 years based on water quality and how often unit is recharged and/or used.

  • Unit comes with all brass fittings, including a diverter that helps make recharging easier
  • Unit is prefilled with 10lbs of resin that is pre-charged and automatically ready to be hooked up to water source
  • Water softener head wrench, 4ft water hose, and recharge instructions come in box
  • Total weight only 19 lbs (before added weight from water)

If you have lost your recharge instructions, contact shop for another copy

*Replacement parts available